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Photo Tim Lamb, Principal Huron High

Huron is Home. Community relationships are the core of our city and its High School; here, regardless of the challenge, we win, or lose, together. Student centered learning is the core of my mission and servant leadership is the means I’ve embraced to effect that end. I lead from the belief that, when schools prioritized the very unique needs of each student, and teachers feel empowered to meet those needs, greatness is the result. Studies bear this out. However, watching students thrive under the tutelage of a staff energized and free to maximize their teaching is better proof. My role as Principal is a position of service. My work is to clear a path, remove obstacles, and create opportunities, so that teachers and staff, who have the most direct contact with students, can amplify their personal abilities. Ultimately, we not only want our students to meet and exceed educational requirements, but also have the structure necessary to pursue meaning and purpose. Supported teachers, who are free to put student needs first, served by leaders with vision, provide and affect that opportunity. That is servant leadership, and part of what I’d like to share with Huron.


Huron is a wonderful example of a school firmly rooted in its community. Tapping local resources to expand the educational experience of students beyond school property lines will be a focus of my tenure in Huron. Meeting the individual needs of students often requires thinking beyond traditional school boundaries. For example, communities are hungry for skilled labor but there is often a disconnect between what is being taught in school and available positions. Students lack direction due to lack of exposure to possibilities that often exist in their backyard. It is my job to work to build bridges between community members in Huron and the high school. Internships, non-traditional educational opportunities, and an increased understanding of our local needs will be a part of my journey as principal. The prospect of serving Huron excites me. The idea of digging deeper into the particular needs of our hometown and finding ways to help students discover their meaning and purpose in life…….  I could not ask for a better job!




Timothy A. Lamb


Huron High School

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