Facility Naming Committee

Facility Naming Committee
Ashley Link - Parent/Community Member
Rob Smith - Community Member
Tracy Harbal - Teacher
Cory Schoenherr - Teacher
Grant Bauer - Student Liaison to the Board
Julie McDonald - Assistant Superintendent of Academic Affairs & Committee Chairperson
Chad Carter - Director of Operations

Facility Naming Policy FF


Property owned and operated by Huron City Schools District will be considered for naming in honor of individuals or organizations subject to Huron City School Board Policy FF.

Naming New Facilities

 The Board is responsible for the naming/renaming of all Board-owned facilities.

The Board considers facilities to include, but not be limited to, buildings, athletic fields, stadiums, gymnasiums, libraries, and multipurpose rooms. In selecting a name, the Board may consider individuals, geographical locations, general features of the area in which the school or facility is located, and other names that are deemed appropriate by the Board. If the facility is named for an individual, that individual must have made an outstanding contribution to the community, county, state, or nation.

The Board directs the Superintendent to establish a committee composed of administrators, parents, community members, employees, and, when applicable, students to suggest names. The Board will not be influenced in its decision by personal prejudice or favoritism, political pressure, or temporary popularity in choosing a name. Although the Board considers all recommendations, final authority rests with the Board.

The standards set forth were established by the Facility Naming committee and set the procedures and guidelines for an individual or group seeking facility naming in dedication of an individual. 

No single guideline is the determinate. The following guidelines provide an overview of qualities and characteristics for a strong request. The submission should address multiple items, not all, and this is not an exhaustive list.

The individual for consideration has …

  • Been deceased for at least seven (7) years. 

  • Exemplified the values and behaviors aligned with public education, Huron City School and the Huron community. 

  • Significant contributions in multiple aspects of the district/community, education, arts and athletics. 

  • Fostered positive school and community pride contributing to the student or community experience beyond standard involvement. 

  • Impressed a legacy beyond a generation of students. 

Process for submission:

Individuals or groups should prepare a written submission stating the desired dedication, facility location and general contact information of the submitter to the Superintendent’s attention at the Huron City Schools central office, 710 Cleveland Rd. West Huron OH 44839. Submission must be delivered by February 1st annually. 

Submission must include letters of support from community members or community groups describing their support for the dedication.

The Facility Naming Committee will convene annually in the month of March to consider any requests submitted by February 1st annually. Decision of the committee will advance it to the Superintendent for recommendation to the Huron board of Education or reject the submission. The committee’s decision will be reported back to the submitter by the committee chairperson within 30 calendar days of the decision. If rejected by the committee resubmission can occur after a 12-month period. 

Superintendent’s recommendations will occur only once annually in May with a first reading, then June with a second reading and action. Public notice of the first reading will be published at least 30 days prior to the May regular Board meeting date. The submitter is encouraged to attend the board meeting and give comment on the nomination during the public comment portion of the meeting. If the Board rejects the recommendation, resubmission to the committee can occur after a 48-month period.

Naming is awarded for a period not to exceed ten (10) years. Within the final year of the dedication, applicants may petition to renew the dedication and have priority over other applicants seeking naming of the same facility.

Each application will be considered on its own merit, without regard to precedence.

Additional considerations:

  • Campus and facility names are preferred to be descriptive of the building use and function, not dedication naming. Dedication naming is encouraged in spaces within the building or campus.

  • An application to name a facility for an individual already honored in a similar fashion will be discouraged by the Committee. 

Additional recognition of honor. 

As a subgroup of the Facility Naming Committee a tree memorial work group shall exist. It is this workgroup's task to assess current tree memorial recognition on the district properties and make recommendations on process development for maintenance and new tree memorial requests. 

Community/Business Sponsorship

Paid sponsorship and associated naming recognition exist within the school district or in collaboration with community groups aligned with the district (Boosters). Paid sponsorships may not exceed a period of five (5) years and should cycle through to new sponsors, if such exist. 

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