Director of Transportation
Chad Carter
(419) 433-1234 ext. 4000

Bus Drivers
Mr. Buczek, Mr. Neibler, Mrs. Ohlemacher, Mrs. Schleenbaker, Ms. Aggie Schaffer,
Mrs. Schoolcraft, Mrs. Weyer, Mrs. Yost

Bus Stop Change
It is important to remember that the District Bus Policy states that only one home bus stop change is permitted annually. Please get in touch with your child's principal or the Transportation Director if you have any questions. Please email your bus stop changes to the 
Transportation Director, Chad Carter.

 Frequently asked questions and general
information about pupil transportation in
Ohio. If you have more questions, please
contact the Transportation Director. 

Payment in Lieu

In accordance with RC 3327.02, the board of education of a city, exempted village, or local school district may determine that it is impractical to transport a pupil who is eligible for transportation to and from a school under section 3327.01 of the Revised Code.

If the parent, guardian, or another person in charge of the pupil accepts the offer of payment in lieu of providing transportation and providing that all appropriate documentation and procedures identified in code have been completed, the board shall pay the parent, guardian, or another person in charge of the child an amount that shall be not less than $250.00, and not more than the amount determined by the department as the average cost of pupil transportation for the previous school year. (RC 3327.02 (D) and section 263.170 of HB 59)

Any forms not received past the deadlines posted 
may not be considered for reimbursement.
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