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                                                    Huron City School

                             A District that Engages, Empowers, and Equips

      Huron City Schools has a tradition of excellence with a focus on the future. The district serves approximately 1,200 

      students yearly and is comprised of three facilities:  High school (Grades 9-12), Middle school (Grades 6-8), and an      

      Elementary school (Grades PK-5). We have enrollment partnerships with EHOVE for vocational programming and 

      BGSU-Firelands for college credit plus programming.  


      The students of Huron excel as a result of the combination of home, schools, and community working collaboratively 

      for all students within the district. Huron educators believe that to be competitive, schools must embrace change and 

      create a high-performing learning environment for students and teachers. We prepare our students by providing 

      learning experiences that relate to students’ interests and support the exploration of future pursuits. 


      Huron City Schools' curriculum is aligned with current state standards designed to challenge students Pre-K through      

      Graduation and meet the needs of our learners. Instructional delivery is enriched with hands-on learning, field 

      experiences, digital and blended learning experiences, college partnerships through College Credit Plus (CCP), 

      Advanced Placement coursework, and partnerships with local agencies. Huron teachers, administrators, and support 

      staff participate in professional development activities designed to address the whole needs of students. Student 

      Services include full-time counselors  in every building to address social-emotional development and college and 

      career readiness. 

      Huron City Schools understands and embraces technology's role in children's education. Today’s learners enter school        

      already immersed in a technologically driven society. Huron teachers utilize technology to enhance instruction by   

      maximizing learning opportunities through digital experiences. All students have access to mobile devices. Huron will 

      continue investing in infrastructure upgrades to provide seamless student connectivity. Technology is used with a 

      balance of in-person and interpersonal skills. Huron students develop communication, collaboration, and creativity 



      Academic, art, and athletic offerings ensure a well-rounded experience for students. Huron City Schools recognizes the    

      importance of extracurricular opportunities to supplement a rewarding Pre-K through Graduation educational 

      experience for students. Elementary school offerings in general music and art serve as the springboard for many 

      children's lifelong appreciation of fine arts. The Huron band and choir routinely earn high marks for performing at

      various regional and state competitions. 


      Clubs, student organizations, and community service activities are essential to a holistic student experience. Huron 

      offers many opportunities that engage students in the act of volunteerism. Teen Leadership Corps and Student Council        

      students provide hands-on service and support throughout the year within the community. Developing a passion for 

      civic responsibility in young people is something Huron City Schools takes seriously and is committed to achieving.


      An athletic tradition beginning with a multitude of organized biddy programs has evolved over the years due to the      

      accomplishments of many individuals and teams. Volunteers throughout the community continue to support Huron 

      student-athletes with their time and financial contributions. Huron City Schools is known for its acclaimed facilities,    

      including the first local football stadium with artificial turf, a renovated soccer field, and a new baseball and softball   


      If you want to learn more about Huron Schools, visit our website (www.huronhs.com), "Like" us on Facebook, and 

      follow us on X at @huronschools.

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