Huron High School Tiger Trek

Career Awareness 
Career Exploration
Career Planning
Elementary Grades (K-5)
Middle Grades (6-8)
High School (9-12)
Students become familiar with careers through learning that connects classroom instruction to future work. Career awareness strategies show students various types of careers and stimulate interest in future work. Students explore their career interests through embedded activities. Career exploration strategies are opportunities for students to discover work environments and understand the various aspects of the workplace. Strategies include tools and instruments that help students understand and appreciate their strengths and interests. Students start plans for their future career information and postsecondary education data. Plans include course selection and planning as well as career aspirations and goals.Students continue career exploration while focusing on career planning. Activities provide advanced experiences that offer hands-on opportunities in the workplace. Career planning strategies focus on making clear links between career options and education decisions. Students develop the skills to revisit previous exploration and planning strategies as they face career changes throughout life. 

Program Offerings 
-Career Connections Learning Strategies
-Career Research

-Career Tech Exploration
Service Learning
Student Sucess Plan
-Workplace Visits

Program Offerings
-College Credit Plus
-Career Connections Learning Strategies

-Career Mentorships
-Career Pathways
-Career-Tech Student Organizations
-Industry-recognized Credentials
Ohio Means Jobs Seal
-Pre-apprenticeship Programs
-Part-time Work
-Student Success Plan
-Work-based Learning

About Tiger Trek: The Tiger Trek is a career exploration program crafted for students at Huron City Schools in grades 7-12. The program's purpose is to provide students with the means to comprehensively evaluate post-high school education and workforce options. 

Goals: The Tiger Trek program aims to empower the student to enter the workforce/college, equip them with skills to be successful in employment, and engage them with members of the community that will assist in reaching their goals. 

Our Mission: The mission of the Tiger Trek program is to connect students with local companies and community members to gain skills to make students a valuable component when entering the workforce or applying to colleges. 

Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal: The Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal is a formal designation students can earn on their high school diplomas and transcripts indicating they have personal strengths, strong work ethic, and professional experiences that businesses need.

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