Mr. Blevins

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Mr. Blevins experiences micro-gravity as part of Northrop Grumman Corporation's Weightless Flights of Discovery Program!
I love science and I love learning! I want to share the passion I have for both with students! One of my goals is to always motivate students to consider science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (S.T.E.M. fields) as a career choice. For insight into why I feel so strongly about this, read The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman
It'll change how you view the world and our future. To meet our future challenges, we all need to embrace the challenge of teaching our children to love learning and not be afraid to challenge themselves to enter S.T.E.M. fields!
How do I attempt to do this? By looking for ways to expose students to science "outside of the box". That is... outside of the textbook, classroom, etc. and showing them science in action whenever possible! For another perspecective into what shapes my thoughts regarding this topic, visit the following site... "SHIFT HAPPENS"
My Zero-G Experience Looking for ways to inspire my students...and in turn finding inspiration for myself!! Click below to learn more about what it's like!


Portaportal Website - Use this link to get to any websites used in class. Log in as a guest using "rblevins".
Biological Literacy Project- Click here to see a comprehensive list of specific concepts in biology. It's great for OGT and ACT preparation. (More specific than necessary for OGT) 

Meet Mr. Blevins -A Quicktime movie made by students for a media project. 

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