Gifted Services

Gifted Services

Referral for Assessment for Possible Giftedness
September 1-30 - Annually
May 1-30 - Annually 
Whole grade screening for possible Gifted Identification occurs in grades 2 and 4 in the spring of every year
in the areas of Superior Cognition, Reading and/or Math
Services an/or Opportunities
  • Licensed Gifted Intervention Specialists serve students identified in Reading, Math and/or Superior Cognition in grades 3-6.
  • Advanced, Accelerated and Differentiated Curriculum
  • County Program opportunities such as 8th Grade Land Use Debate
  • College Credit Plus through partnership universities and colleges
  • Advanced Placement courses  

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Julie McDonald









Julie McDonald, Ed.D

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Coordinator of Gifted Services 

419.433.1234 Ext. 5008

Gifted Intervention Specialists

Woodlands Intermediate
Grades 3 & 4
English/Language Arts
Woodlands Intermediate
Grades 5 & 6
English/Language Arts
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