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NEW! Great Site for designing an appropriate English Language Arts Writing Rubric

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy - Key Words, Model Questions & Instructional Strategies

www.4teachers.org - 4Teachers.org works to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering online tools and resources. This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars.

www.interventioncentral.com - Visit to check out newly posted academic and behavioral intervention strategies, download publications on effective teaching practices, and use tools that streamline classroom assessment and intervention.

www.fcrr.org - If you are looking for basic research on reading, reading growth, reading assessment, and reading instruction that will contribute to the scientific knowledge of reading or research-based practices related to literacy instruction and assessment for children in pre-school through 12th grade, this is the site!

www.teach-nology.com - A great site to look for a monthly lesson plan or rubric.

www.funbrain.com/teachers/index.html - K-8 games and quizzes.

www.quizhub.com - K-12 interactive learning education quiz games, practice state tests, and more.

school.discoveryeducation.com - Puzzle maker, lesson plan library and other featured resources.

www.sitesforteachers.com - This site lists numerous other websites with a brief description for each.

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