Business Foundations

Business Foundations

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Are you interested in learning about the fundamentals of business? In this class you will get a head start in the business world by learning the core functions of owning and/or operating a business. If this sounds appealing, then this is the class for you! Business Foundations are avalible to students from 10th to 12th grade. The class is a semester long and students will earn a half credit.

Topics include:

  • global and economic environment,
  • ethics and social responsibility,
  • forms of ownership and franchising,
  • entrepreneurship and small business,
  • accounting and finance,
  • securities,
  • marketing,
  • management,
  • human resources,
  • and information technology.

Assignments And Academic Calendar:

  • Part 1: Business Environment
    • Chapters 1-4
  • Part 2: Forming, Owning, & Financing
    • Chapters 6-10
  • Part 3: Marketing & Management
    • Chapters 11-15
  • Part 4: Emerging Trends
    • Chapters 16, 17, & Appendix 2

Class Notes


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