Huron Board of Education Office
712 Cleveland Road East
Huron, OH 44839
Phone: 419-433-1234 ext. 5000
Fax: 419-433-7095
IRN: 044131 
Board of Education Members:

Sherry Catri Board Member [email protected]
902 Superior Dr, Huron    
Donna Green Board Member [email protected]
540 Adams Ave, Huron    
Jody Mast Board Member [email protected]
918 Beachside Ln, Huron    
Eric Muehlhauser President [email protected]
606 Oneida St., Huron    
Scott Slocum Vice President [email protected]
1012 Dockway Drive, Huron    
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712 Cleveland Rd East Huron, OH (419) 433-1234