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Bienvenue à la classe de français!

Bienvenue à la classe de français!

Classroom Policies

1. Entrance into the classroom: Once you enter, sit quietly in your assigned seat and begin preparation for class.

2. Departure from the classroom: You are to be seated prior to the end of the period. Standing at the door waiting for the bell to ring for dismissal will not be tolerated.

3. Bring to class daily:

* Covered French textbook by EMC Publishing, "T'es branché"

* French workbook, "T'es branché"

* French designated notebook and/or binder for daily note taking are accepted as proper preparation for class. 

* Pocket folders are necessary for storing handouts and informational packets.

* A French to English, English to French dictionary to bring to class in order to aid with supplemental reading assignments. 

* French I and II only - French name tags must be placed on your desk at the beginning of class.

* TWO writing utensils must be brought to class daily. (ONLY BLUE or BLACK ink and #2 pencils are acceptable.)

* French I – IV students should purchase a French dictionary and bring it to class daily.

4. ASSIGNMENTS: In order to obtain credit, legible and proper headings on all assignments must be located in the top right or left corner.  Example listed below:                                                           

5. Late assignments will not be accepted.

6. Off limits to students: Teacher’s desk, podium and designated teacher areas are restricted areas. Do not remove any articles or materials from the classroom without permission from Madame Shoffner. Do not touch fans, shelves, podium or ANY technology equipment, without the approval of Madame Shoffner. If you need to borrow a dictionary, you may sign one out.

7. Discipline: Any classroom disruptions or disrespect to any teacher or fellow student will result in disciplinary action being taken in accordance with school policies.

8. Levez la tête! (Keep your head up!) Sleeping in class is not acceptable.

9. Area surrounding your desk: The floor is clean upon your entrance to the classroom and must be in that condition when you leave the room.

10. CLASS ABSENCE:  Contact me for your missing assignments.  You will have the same amount of time to make up your assignments as you missed in class. The textbook is available on line for your convenience. It is interactive, and you may send your make up homework assignments to me online to my designated email address.

11. Grading System - *In accordance with the student handbook

QUARTERLY GRADES - 100% total:

60% = Tests/Assessments/Quizzes/Projects

40% = Homework/In class participation and daily work assignments

SEMESTER GRADES: - 100% total:

1st Quarter 40%

2nd Quarter 40%

Semester Exam 20%

12. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in a loss of credit, detention and/or parent/guardian notification. 



E-Mail Madame Shoffner - click here

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