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Rhythm Rumbler Champions! (again!)
Rhythm Rumber

Over the course of the 2022-23 school year, Huron Choir students used a program called “Three Minute Theory” to work on different elements of their national music standards such as sight reading, note naming, music creation, and rhythm reading. The rhythm reading and performing standards were supplemented by a program within Three Minute Theory called “Rhythm Rumbler”. 

The creator of the Rhythm Rumbler and Three Minute Theory program held a worldwide competition for all teachers and students around the world who use the program in their music classes. This competition called for students to perform a rhythm exercise from levels 1-30. The 5th graders performed rhythm #17, well above grade-level skill, nearly perfectly using classroom instruments. 

This above-grade-level performance qualified Woodlands 5th Grade choir to be the top rated performance based on their rhythmic accuracy, creative performance, and overall skill displayed during the competition.

“I’m immensely proud of this group. Since starting choir in August, they have tackled every challenge I’ve given them. They performed 3 wonderful concerts this year, learned musical terminology and concepts far beyond grade level! Their enthusiasm and passion for learning music displays work ethic and determination that will take these students far. This year’s success and the success in this competition is proof of the amazing talent and hard work displayed by all Huron Students!”