Treasurer's Office

712 Cleveland Rd. East
Huron, Ohio 44839
(419) 433-1234 Extension 5003

Cindy Thompson - Accounts Payable
Sue Schoen - Payroll

Lyle Rowe, EMIS

  Hours:  7 AM to 4:30 PM

Financial Data (Updated 2-17-14)

Glossary of School Finance Terms


FY 2014 Monthly Financial Statements:

July 2013

August 2013-Part One

August 2013-Part Two

September 2013-Part One

September 2013-Part Two

October 2013-Part One

October 2013-Part Two

November 2013 Part One

November 2013 Part Two

December 2013 Part One

December 2013 Part Two

January 2014 Part One

January 2014 Part Two

Other Financial Data

Quick Guide to Reading the Five Year Forecast

5 Year Forecast October 2013 (amended 11-6-13)

5 Year Forecast Assumtions October 2013


2014 Budget and Approriations



2013 Fiscal year End Cash Basis Statement-Part II

Audited Financial Statements 2012

Tax Budget   FY 2014

  GAAP Statements  FY 2012 (unaudited)

Cash Basis Financial Statement (Unaudited) FY 2011

FY 2011 Audited Fianancial Statement

Audited Financial Statements FY 2010

FY 2009 Audited Financial Statements

FY 2008 Audited Financial Statements

FY 2007 Audited  Financial Statements

FY 2006 Audited Financial Statements

Standard & Poor's Rating Report (issued 9-10-08)

FY 2005 Audited Financial Statements

 2013  Fiscal Year End Cash Basis Statement-Part I

Comparative Data Teacher Salaries

Comparative Data  Administrative Salaries

Comparative Data- Principals and Directors


Changes in Valuation- Tax Years 2006 to Current

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Auditor of State Bulletin-Fraud Reporting

Employee Information

The New

CoreSource Registration Guide

Privacy Notice 2012

Wellness Plan Summary of Coverage

HDHP Plan Summary of Coverage

VSP Update 7 08 13

Lifestyle Counseling Information

Nurse Help Line

Medical Insurance Volunary Appeal Process

Medical Insurance Voluntary Appeal Notice

Job Calendars 2013-2014

Life Insurance Policy

Prilosec Medical Mutual Letter

Prilosec Form

Eligible Expenses for the Benny Card and Flex Spending Account

Questions and Answers on Dependent Coverage to 26

Question and Answers on Dependent Eligibility Rules-New Law

Rite Aid Rx In Store Mail Order

Medical Mutual Fitness Discount Information


Things to Keep In Mind About your Benny Card

Adding or Replacing Your Benny Card


PowerPoint Presentation On FlexibleSpending Plan

Merchants Who Accept the BennyCard (no receipts needed)

Benefit Card (CoreFlex) Instructions

Huron 403(b)Plan Document (effective 1-1-09)

Huron Rx Plan Highlights

Huron Medical Plan  Summary

Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms

Understanding Your Explanation of Benefits(Medical Mutual)

When You Need to Notify Us of a Change to Your Medical Insurance Coverage

My Health Plan (Accessing Info on our Health Plan  On Line)

Vision Plan (VSP) Coverage

VSP Laser Vision Program

Network Hospitals Medical Mutual ( as of 4-21-08)

Medicare and Rx Notice

HCEA Contract (2012-2013)

MOU HCEA December 2013

HCEA Seniority List (Feb 2013)

HEA ( 2011-2014)Contract

HEA Seniority List (Feb 2013)

Reading Your Payroll "Stub"-Certified

Reading Your Payroll "Stub"-Classified

Procedures to Follow for Payroll Errors  

Receipts Needed When Using District Credit Card

Steps to take for Medical or Rx Claim    

Medical Mutual Direct Claim Process

Student Activities Financial Procedures

Ohio Ethics Law (Required Reading for all new employees)

Administrator Salary Schedule

Administrator Benefit Schedule

Privacy Practices HIPPA and Medical Data

Life Insurance Information-Certified


General Financial Information

Levy History-Huron City School District


Treasurer's Office Procedures (Note-Most are in Word Format)



Cash Processing

Consumable Inventories

Expense Reimbursement

Financial Reports

GAAP Statements




Lost Check


Payroll Check Problem

Payroll Process-Internal Transfer

Payroll Process-New Hires

Petty Cash

Severance Payment

Use of Credit Card

Use of Menards Card

General Procurement

Purchasing-Requsition and PO's

Salary Deductions

Stimulus(ARRA) Accounting

"Student Activities

Tax Budget

Ticket Sales

Time Sheet