Technology Department


Technology is an all-encompassing title describing the various changes in Computer Equipment, Management, and Communications at Huron City Schools.  Over the past 4 years, our school district has formulated a plan to provide the best possible experience to our students.  We strive to provide our students with the skills and tools that will help them succeed in the modern world. 




Customer Service Survey

Mac Tips and Tricks

New Google Email for Staff

Google Apps Information

Website Information


  • Student Progress Report not working - pop up windows.
  • McCormick Grading Scale Setup
  • Installing Adobe Reader plug-in for Progress Book Special Services (i.e. My IEPs won't save!)
  • Video Quicktips




    • Microsoft Office 2007 Help
      • These instructions are for learning how to save Office 2007 documents so they can be read by older versions of Microsoft Office.
    • Microsoft Office Basics
      • Need help knowing what Microsoft Programs can run on your computer? What versions of Office will your computer support? Take a look at this one page summary.

    Casper Suite