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Superintendent's Message

Dear parents and guardians,

It is an honor and pleasure to serve as the next superintendent of Huron City Schools.  I look forward to working with the students, faculty, staff and community as we build upon our districts tradition of excellence. Living in the community, as well as being the parent of a daughter who attends Woodlands Intermediate School, gives me a perspective of the needs and challenges that families face each and every day.

 In Huron we have historically offered our students the finest educational opportunities in the region.  We will continue to make sure that while operating in a fiscally responsible manner all students will receive the same quality education that our parents and community have come to expect. It is our mission to provide all children with dynamic educational experiences that will prepare them for success in a global 21st century society.

Much of the districts success can be attributed to a community that respects its history and deep traditions.  The citizens of Huron understand the value of working together in partnership with the school district and are willing to take collective ownership in their schools. As superintendent it is my responsibility to build positive working relationships with all district stakeholders. Therefore, beginning with collective collaboration with the Board of Education, it is my goal to develop an organization that embraces a collaborative environment, encouraging all stakeholders to share in strategic decision-making that will ultimately define the future of our district.  

I am proud to be your superintendent of schools.

I encourage you to share your questions, thoughts or suggestions with me at ASKDENNY@HURONHS.COM. I can also be reached directly at 419-433-1234 ext. 5026.



Dennis Muratori


Huron City Schools

Phone: 419-433-1234 Ext. 5026