Student Exchange Tutoring Program

Starting in January 2010, Huron High School has created a program called The Student Exchange: a tutoring program FOR students and BY students.  With the power of Google Apps, student tutors will help those students who are struggling in any of the content areas at Huron High School.  We have identified tutors in all areas and through all grade levels that are available to help any student who is willing!


How does it work?

A referral for help can be made by the students who are struggling or even their parents or teachers.  Simply fill out the Student Exchange Referral Form and that's it!  Our staff will receive the form, contact an appropriate tutor, and make arrangements to help the student in need.  All of this will be done with discretion - our goal is to help students, not embarrass them.


Who is involved?

Mrs. VanBarg and Mr. Ruf are spearheading the operation - they will be in charge of the Student Exchange Tutors.  We have a group of about 33 tutors, whom we will profile in the coming weeks.  Check back for pictures and information on the program!



Student Exchange - Referral Form

Student Exchange - Tutor Site

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