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May 2018 Levy Information
May 2018 Levy Information 


March 8, 2018


Is there any windfall from our new industries [i.e., Mucci and the Marijuana farm]?  Do they have any kind of abatement on their property?  [home versus farmlands tax, legislation, residential vs. commercial property]

Answer: There is a misunderstanding regarding any new local business and the associated revenue for the school district. No additional revenue will flow to the district based on business sales or revenue. If there is an increase of property valuation, the district would only participate in the valuation difference times the districts effective millage. 

No Abatement was issued to either Mucci Farms or Ohio Patients Choice


Is Huron going to arm their teachers?  

Answer: There has been no discussion regarding arming faculty or staff. Mr. Muratori stated he is not in favor of the concept.  The responsibility of carrying and potentially using a firearm in a school setting should remain solely with highly trained professional law enforcement personnel.


Is our enrollment stable, fluid, etc.?  

     Answer: While student enrollment is fluid year to year, the district 10-year trend highlights a decline in overall enrollment. Open enrollment in to the district is at its highest level. Erie County as a whole is experiencing a decline in the overall birth rate. 


In regards to college credit, where do our students take these courses?  How many?

Answer: Although we have some students who actually attend class on the BGSU Firelands campus, Huron High School offers upwards of 40 college credits on the high school campus. Approximately 60% of Huron students take at least one college credit course during their high school career.


How many AP courses do we offer?  

Answer: Huron High School currently offers 5 Advanced Placement course opportunities. In fact, Huron was recognized by the College Board as an AP Honor Roll District for increasing Advanced Placement course opportunities. Huron was 1 of 420 districts, throughout the US and Canada, to receive this recognition.


Can a student graduate with an associate degree along with a graduation degree?

Answer: Short answer is yes. The ability to graduate with an associate degree will depend upon the pathway and course track a student takes.


Where are our STEM classes being taught?  Would it be possible to come in and observe one?  [Benjamin shared the STEM summer program at the library this summer.]

Answer: Huron utilizes Project Lead the Way, a nationally recognized STEM curriculum, at McCormick Junior High. Huron High developed a comprehensive STEAM lab, or “Think Tank” and has partnered with several area businesses and the City of Huron for several student centered projects. Woodlands Intermediate recently introduced STEM mobile carts, allowing all teachers the opportunity to incorporate project based or STEM related learning opportunities.

In the future, the district would like to develop a STEAM lab or “Think Tank” in each of the elementary buildings.


Why should I support the levy if I don’t have any children in the school?  [Relationship to the community, property value, culture; direct and indirect impact]

Answer: A successful school system can serve as a barometer to measure the core values of a community. A community that values and supports quality educational opportunities for all children will have a distinct advantage when it concerns opportunities for future economic development, the long term property value for a home owner, and the ability to attract new families to the region. 


How much are the schools likely to lose from the playhouse closing?

Answer: While the district fully supports the Huron Playhouse, and remains a committed partner with the organization, their status will not impact district finances. 


Internet question:  When and where did you say the School Safety Program would be?

Answer: Huron City Schools, in partnership with the Huron Police Department, will host a Coffee Connections event – to discuss school safety – Saturday, April 21 from 9:30 – 10:30 at the Huron Public Library



Reminder of the Senior Dinner and Show. (Doors open at 4:30pm on April 19th; Sound of Music) 
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