District Report Card Release

On Thursday, September 14th the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) released district and individual school report cards. A district report card is comprised of six components, graded A-F. The components are Achievement, Progress, Graduation Rate, Prepared for Success, K-3 Literacy, and Gap Closing. This report card marks the first time since 2013-2014 in which 80% of students need to score proficient or better on a given state assessment in order for a district to meet the related indicator.

While our report card identifies areas with room for improvement, we are extremely proud of the work carried out by our students, faculty and staff. That work is evident by the increase in the number of indicators met (9 in 2016 to 12 in 2017) and the overall grade increase in Gap Closing and K-3 Literacy.  

Although we feel other evaluative measures should be considered to holistically determine the success of a school district, the report card does provide useful data. When combined with other accountability measures, our faculty and staff can more accurately determine the level a student’s academic growth.

How do we use this data? Student results from individual assessments provide our team with an item analysis, breaking down each question, allowing staff to evaluate the depth and level of student understanding in specific content areas. Information gathered from this in-depth data review will better prepare our teachers to make more precise and informed instructional decisions. 

Huron Schools will always accept and embrace a high standard of accountability. We are committed to using the information contained in our report card, along with other evaluative measures, to develop programing and instructional practices that will guarantee our students are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of today’s quickly changing global marketplace.

As we all take a moment to reflect on our ODE district report card, do not forget the many ways our district positively impacts children, not always measured by six components on a single report. We are successful for many reasons and academic performance on a state assessment is just one piece to a complex puzzle.



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