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2018-19 Athletic/Field Trips
**Times and dates are subject to change on short notice due to weather issues or scheduling conflicts.  
Updated as soon as possible if changes are made** 
Last updated on February 7, 2019, at 1:15pm. 
3412-54th GradeSandusky State TheatreWood.9:00 AMWalters
3422-54th GradeSandusky State TheatreWood.9:00 AMWeyer
3432-5BowlingSandusky- Cedar LanesHHS3:00 PMKlein
3592-58th Boys BBallMargaretta ElementaryMJHS4:45 PMSchnee
3602-57th Boys BBallPerkins- Briar Middle SchoolMJHS4:45 PMSchoolcraft
3282-7HHS StudentsPickup from EHOVEEHOVE11:45 PMMyles
3622-8HHS ClassHuron- Admiral's PointHHS11:05 AMSchleenbaker
3442-9HHS SwmOak Harbor HSHHS7:30 AMSchnee
3002-9HHS BowlingPort Clinton- Star LanesHHS7:15 AMKlein
3642-98th Boys BballPort Clinton HSMJHS12:30 PMSchoolcraft
3562-119th Boys BBallDanbury LakesideHHS3:30 PMWalters
3232-12HHS Academic ChallengeEHOVEHHS8:30 AMSchoolcraft
3652-128th Grade Sandusky Public LibraryMJHS12:10 PMSchnee
3662-128th Grade Sandusky Public LibraryMJHS12:10 PMGarner
3142-129/JV bballEdisonHHS4:10 PMWeyer
3152-12HHS Boys BballEdisonHHS5:20 PMKlein
3672-138th Grade Sandusky Public LibraryMJHS12:10 PMOhlemacher
3682-138th Grade Sandusky Public LibraryMJHS12:10 PMSchnee
3582-13HHS BowlingStar Lanes in Port ClintonHHS3:10 PMOhlemacher
3452-14HHS Girls BBallWIllard HSHHS4:30 PMGarner
3462-15HHS SwimBGSUHHSTBDOhlemacher
3472-15BowlingPort Clinton- Star LanesHHS3:45 PMSchnee
3482-16HHS WrestlingLakota HSStadium6:00 AMGarner
3692-16HHS Band/choirGenoa HSHHS6:55 AMKlein
3702-16HHS Band/choirGenoa HSHHS6:55 AMSchleenbaker
3492-16BowlingPort Clinton- Star LanesHHS10:45 AMOhlemacher
3012-16HHS Girls BballMargaretta HSHHS12:00 PMSchnee
3502-20HHS StudentsFirelands BGSUHHS7:25am/11:30amOhlemacher
3512-20HHS StudentsFirelands BGSUHHS7:25am/11:30amSchoolcraft
3522-20HHS StudentsFirelands BGSUHHS7:25am/11:30amGarner
3612-20HHS Girls BBallWillard HSHHS6:15 PMOhlemacher
3712-21HHS Academic ChallengeEdison HSHHS8:50 AMGarner
3532-21BowlingRossford- Interstate LanesHHS3:00 PMOhlemacher
3542-22BowlingRossford- Interstate LanesHHS3:00 PMSchnee
3632-22HHS ClassHuron- Admiral's PointHHS11:05 AMMyles
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