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Welcome To Mrs. Fahr's Class!

Welcome To Mrs. Fahr's Class! Family and Consumer Science

Huron High School

419-433-1234 X1108

Room #108

Planning period is 1:34-2:30pm

Daily Schedule

1st period 7:25-8:20 Independent Living/ Child Development

2nd period 8:24-9:14 Fashion/Cuisine

3rd period 9:18-10:08 Freshmen Connection/Cuisine

4th period 10:12-11:02 Independent Living/Cuisine

5A 11:02-11:33 Lunch

5B-C 11:36-12:40 Cuisine/Child development

6th period 12:44-1:34 Independent Living/Freshmen Connection

7th period 1:38-2:30 Plan Period

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712 Cleveland Rd East Huron, OH (419) 433-1234